MAREMIP MARine Ecosystem Model Intercomparison Project

MAREMIP Workshops

2014 25 Feb Hawaii Minutes : MAREMIP Meeting
2014 24 Feb Hawaii MAREMIP-relevant session at ASLO/AGU/TOS Ocean Sciences Meeting "Synthesis and modeling of global-scale marine planktonic ecosystems and plankton functional types"
2013 4-6 March Paris MAREMIP/ EUR-Oceans/ IMBER/ GREENCYCLES II Workshop "Impact of climate change on marine ecosystems"
2012 8-13 July Otsu MAREMIP session at ALSO conference "Modelling Biogeochemical and Ecological Functions in Aquatic Ecosystems"
2011 28 June Plymouth MAREMIP workshop, Plymouth
2009 28-30 October Cambridge
2008 3-5 October Cambridge EurOceans meeting: Integration of plankton abundance data for the evaluation of marine biogeochemical models
14 January Norwich Minutes : MAREMIP meeting
2007 3 December Cambridge Minutes : MAREMIP preparation meeting